Wireless Endoscopic Camera :

Description :

  • 2.5 inch LEPT(LCD Monitor) / Receiver with NIMH battery.
  • Light weight handle with inbuilt camera.
  • Camera Diameter 5.5mm
  • Four Nos. LED’s with light illumination of 410000 pixels.
  • 1.2 GHrtz Transmitter with Lithium Battery.
  • Conversion cable for the video on T.V.
  • Recharging stand for LEPT (Monitor / Receiver).
  • Weight of Camera + Monitor is approx 250g.
  • Mini telescopic pole for Extension.
  • Adapter for the mains.
  • Car Lighter plug and conversation cable.
  • Recharging stand for Camera.
  • Connection box.
  • Sleeve holder for field operation.
  • Software for PC connection.
  • GrabBee Cable for PC connection.
  • Protective carrying case for above.

* Please note that above picture may be differ from original product.