Description :

Net Catcher is state-of-art police or Security Guard equipment with air as the driving power for shooting, compared with the similar products. The most outstanding advantage of the product is its safety and environmental friendliness during the operations.

  • Armed Police: It is very useful for armed police; they do not need to use force to catch thieves or culprit. It is much easier to capture the suspects without harming them.
  • Security Guards: They can easily catch the thieves. As they do not have a gun they always need to fight with stick and 95% thieves will run away as they are unable to catch the thieves with a stick. So this is the very useful product for them.
  • Riot Control Force: It is much easier to use shooting net in a riot then gun.
  • Counter Drug Operations.
  • As the Shooting net is in the category of non-gunpowder firing products involving no gunpowder in the making, it does not belong to military weaponary. As a result it will not be subject to the restrictions by the state police. It is particularly suitable for use in such special locations as the airports, railway, bus stations, oil refueling stations, oil fields, chemical industrial sites or some other special locations
It is very easy to use. The operator carries it on the shoulder. With one hand holding the upper barrel and the other hand open the safety pin. By just pressing the lunching button, an intensively powerful umbrella-shaped net will be fired with the diameter up to 2-3 meter and the coverage space as much as 16 square meters. The net can be reused after some repairs or maintenance.

Specification :

  • Dimension: 118x46x338mm.
  • Effective Using Range: More then 25 feet.
  • Net Diameter: 16m2
  • Net material: Unbreakable nylon high tensile fiber.
  • Weight: 1.2Kg.

* Please note that above picture may be differ from original product.