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Mini Shrike :

Description :

Mini Shrike was designed to provide users with a lightweight, single output, electronic exploder based on the proven "Shrike" technology. Mini Shrike is a single channel explodr, operable by one hand, thus leaving the user with a hand free capability. The single firing circuit is connected by means of spring-loaded terminals. Curcuit continuity is checked by operating the TEST button. A green LED will indicate a positive connection. Lifting the PRIME flap on the right hand side of the unit causes the red LED to flash, indicating that the unit is primed. This typically takes two seconds. While the red LED is flashing, the load circuit may be fired by operating the TEST button and the FIRE button simultaneously.The Mini Shrike must be primed before any circuit can be fired, and firing requies the simultaneous depressing of buttons, thus minimising accidental initiation in the event of dropping the charged unit. The output is inhibited when the Mini Shrike is not fully primed, thus preventing partial firing. An indication of continuity is available prior to firing and output energy cannot be released into a circuit whose resistance is more than 400 Ohms. This level of resistance is well below that of the human body, therefore completely elimintes any electrical hazard to the operator.

Specifications :

Size : 151mm x 58mm x 46mm
Unit Weight : 240g
Case Material : NORYL SE100
Finish(as standard) : Non-reflective Drab Olive
Output Connections : Single Firing Circuit(Spring loaded terminals)
Controls : Pushbutton
Indications : LED
Batteries : 2 x Standard PP3 9V Alkaline Batteries (Minimum of 100 firings)
Operating Temperature Range : -20°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature Range : -40°C to +70°C
Immersion : To depth of 1.5m
Output Voltage : 319-400V
Output Energy : Typically 10J/Minimum 4.5J
Output Load : Up to 400 Ohms
Arming Time : Typically 2 seconds

* Please note that above picture may be differ from original product.