FRP Helmet :

Description :

  • Material: Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic.
  • Snap fit and quick release chin strap with Three Point Suspension.
  • Design based on personal Armor System Ground Troops (PASGT).
  • Selectable, adjustable and comfortable Harness.
  •  Provides excellent protection against projectiles encountered during RIOT situation
  • Option to attaché Shatter Proof, transparent Polycarbonate face mask with 3 point adjustable position in the Ratchet assembly

Specifying :

Thickness        : 4mm +/- 0.5mm
Weight            : 1.00 kg +/- 100gms

Face Mask:   
Thickness  : 3mm +/- 0.5mm

Weight : 300gms +/- 10gms.

* Please note that above picture may be differ from original product.