Electronic Stethoscope :

Description :

Electronic Stethoscope is used for the detection of mechanical timer Fuse mechanisms of IED as the monitoring of time fuse Mechanisms of military ordnance. It consists of an amplifier for amplifications. To remove airborne signals, a filter sector is used in the electronics system of the instrument. The two different sensor are used i.e. Contact Sensor and Contact less Microwave Sensor. In contact sensor type, the sound waves are picked up by a highly Sensitive impact sound microphone and fed to adjustable amplifier with a variable arrangement of filters. Contact less Microwave Sensor is used to minimize the risk to operator. The operator can detect the bugs from a distance of around one meter, designed to detect sound waves resulting from oscillating mechanics. The oscillating of metal components such as the movements in a clock will modulate the high frequency. The reflected signal will be detected and made available. The significant advantage of this method compared to the contact Search head is, that it is not influenced by ambient airborne3 sound.

Content List :

  • Amplifier Bandwidth                :           300 Hz
  • Amplifier Gain                           :           Approx 117dB (7 x105)
  • Filter Frequency Range          :           300Hz (Low) to 3000 Hz (High)
  • Power Amplifier Unit               :           9V dry Battery
  • Charging Time & Current       :           Approx. 12-14 Hrs. with 50-120mA
  • Operation Time                        :           20 Hrs.
  • Power Amplifier Unit Size       :           144mm x 85 mm x 50 mm.
  • Weight of Equipment              :            2. 40 Kg.

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