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Maxi De Armer Disrupter Recoilless Stand Off :

Description :

The De Armer Disrupter RE 70 M3 Plus is a modular, totally recoilless De Armer and Disrupter. The tool can be configured either as a De Armer for firing a range of solid projectiles or a disrupter for firing a range of fluid and frangible projectiles. The RE 70 M3 Plus can be deployed either close up to the target UXB, ED of ILD in the conventional way or, with a significant stand off from the target. The purpose of the stand off capability is to lower the threshold of danger to a bomb Tecnician who is manually placing the De Armer Disrupter, or a robotic vehicle carrying it. When deployed with a stand off, the RE 70 M3 Plus is used in conjunction with an Elastomer Projectile or a spin stabilised frangible projectile in the disrupter role or, with a spin stabilised plain slug projectile in the De Armer role. The tool is powered by a range of electrically initiated 0.5 calibre power cartridges: super high gas, high velocity and medium velocity. The system fires projectiles with a mass of up to 290g(10 oz). The RE 70 M3 plus combines recoilless operation, with accuracy and ease of deployment. The totally balanced annular compensator system is a dey feature eliminating recoil, enhancing accuracy and enabling the tool to be considerably lighter than convenytional disrupters which require heavey mass to reduce recoil. The feature of recoilless operation also makes the equipment user friendly and eliminates the danger of collateral damage from recoil. These benefits mean that the system can even be fitted to small robots with a mass of only 25-30kg.

Specifications :

Breech Module : Tool Pouch, storing
Compensator : Rod Universal
Breech Plug Assembly : Brush cleaning Bronze wire
Capture Gate : Brush cleaning Lambswool
Barrel Short 1" bore : Brush cleaning breech conical
Barrel 40mm : Spanner universal
Muzzle 40mm : Allen key set
Barrel choke : Breech contact cleaning probe leser key
Tool loading compensator
Tool loading projectile
AFB loading adaptor

Telescopic sight (long eye relief and adjustable to x4) 2x laser sight/Zeroing Aid
lightweight multi position stand and mounting block(stand, mounting block and sights are all common with RE 12-12 and RE 50-28 disrupters)

Cannon on its own with muzzle complete but unloaded : 3.85kg
Cannon on its own with choke complete but unloaded : 3.50kg
Multi position stand on its own with mounting block : 4.60kg
Cannon mounted on multi position stand with laser and telescopic sights : 9.00kg
Cannon loaded and ready for implacement : 10kg
Complete equipment in transitcase including stand, inert consumables for ten firings and 3 off each projectile type (forks only2) : 26kg
Cannon overall length with choke fitted : 475mm
Cannon overall length with muzzle brake fitted : 540mm
Overall diameter across compensator : 76mm
Transit case dimensions : 640x490x215mm high

* Please note that above picture may be differ from original product.