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This is the best Low Light Camera we have ever seen, it is truly unbelievable. Exceptional colour reproduction allows objects to be clearly identified even in darkness. Samsung Techwin’s SHC-740 high resolution colour camera has won the 2008 PSI Premier Award for CCTV Product of the Year. In their review of the Awards, PSI said of the SHC-740 Day/Night camera: “The reputation of Samsung Techwin as a manufacturer of cameras has certainly been growing in recent years and the company's SHC-740 high resolution camera was a solid winner. The SHC-740 performs as well as any high quality 1/2 inch camera but it really excels in low light performance, something mentioned by several installers during the nomination process.” Samsung Techwin are naturally delighted that one of our cameras has won this award specifically as a result of installers voting for it. We are determined to offer our customers the benefits of the very latest CCTV technical innovations and have already introduced the SHC-745 as a worthy successor to the SHC-740. The SHC-745 Ultra Low Light Day/Night camera has the additional benefits of SV IV, the latest generation chipset in the Techwin Super Vision series as well as advanced technical features such as SSNR II, three dimensional noise reduction technology and Digital Image Stabiliser which compensates for camera shake in strong winds. These features are available from the whole new range of camera products

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